Wednesday, November 30, 2011

8 months old today


Teddy (L ) Jack (R)DSC_0863DSC_0866DSC_0878DSC_0879

Teddy and Jack have been busy this past month.  They both are sitting up on their own, holding their bottles, babbling, and seriously teething.  Jack has his first tooth on the bottom.  They both love playing patty cake and Peekaboo.  They love the Itsy Bitsy Spider, it can get them to stop crying. They are wearing mostly size 12 months.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Truly Thankful To Be So Blessed


The other day I was talking with Chris about all my concerns and fears of our future and Chris reminded me that I should not be worried and that I just need to remember how much God has blessed our lives.  He is so right and so good at calming me.  I am so thankful to how wonderful God works in my life and for how much he has blessed me.  I never want to let the hustle and bustle of life let me forget it but some times I do get caught up in everything and forget that God is in control.  Thanksgiving and the whole holiday season especially, I want to remember to be thankful for it all.

I am thankful for my amazing family. My happy and healthy babies . My amazing husband, who stays so calm through all the craziness of our life and helps keep me grounded.  My mom, who is so loving and kind.

DSC_0933DSC_0490-1DSC_0370 color copy


I have so much to be thankful for!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Twins Baptism


Last Sunday the twins got baptized at our church.  This was a very important day for us.  We promised in front of our church family and real family to raise Jack and Teddy to love, praise and worship Jesus Christ our Savior.

This is what our morning looked like. Yes, I have already gotten the Christmas PJ’s out.


We had a wonderful lunch afterwards at our house with our friends and family.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have been busy…


Trying to get a good picture to use for Christmas cards.  Picking out my Christmas card (This takes me a lot longer then average person).  Kissing on my babies. Baptism for the twins and a party in honor of the special event. Pinterest (A terrible addiction that waste tons of my precious time and makes me want things I never knew existed, and gives me lots of ideas of projects to do that I don’t have time for).  Being thankful for all the amazing blessings from God in my life.  Thinking about Christmas! Listening to Christmas music already! (XM radio and Michael Buble Christmas CD).  Making candy garland. Attempting to make an advent calendar. Reading Christmas books to the boys. Working 3 days a week.  Wheeeew! I am worn out, but I love my life and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Like I said earlier,  I have been trying to get a good family picture to use for the Christmas card.  I have been working on this since the summer and it has gotten really difficult with the new addition to the family and the fact that Gates can’t sit still for a second.  The Christmas card is really important to me.  I LOVE Christmas cards!  I love going to the mailbox and getting a surprise card from some one in your life that you might see every day or never get to see and being reminded of them and knowing that they are thinking of you.  I think it is a wonderful tradition that I hope never goes away.  Anyways,  I have had multiple failed attempts at THE Christmas card picture and I thought I would share the latest failed attempt.

This picture is nice, but we are missing a child.


Also okay, but there is a random broom that Gates insisted on having and he kinda looks funny sitting front and center in front of Jack’s head.


We got rid of the broom but then Gates kept trying to leave and go get it again.


By the end, the babies are over it and not happy.


Jack gave me a couple cute ones making goofy faces.


Gates beating up poor Granddad.


Gates throwing a tantrum.


Friday, November 4, 2011


Gates was a dinosaur for Halloween.   Maybe I am biased but I thought he was ridiculously cute!  I think we should have a day at least once a month that you dress up in costume because it is a shame we only be this cute once a year.


Why does it have to be so impossible to get a decent family picture?


Thursday, November 3, 2011

7 Months Old Twins

The twins seem so big. I really love this age they are at. They are so giddy and sweet. They love when you talk to them and will smile, especially Teddy. I feel like the twins go through phases where one is more smiley then the other and then the next month it is the other being the more smiley one. They are rolling all over the place and doing push ups like they are getting ready to crawl. Hopefully that won’t actually happen any time soon because we know from experience that life will get a whole lot more challenging when we are chasing after 3 little munchkins. We started feeding them green beans. Jack eats them right up but Teddy spits them out. They are starting to babble which I love to listen to. I think they both weigh close to 20lbs.


Big brother didn’t want to be left out. I had no idea where his other shoe was.


Since it was Halloween I decided we needed another picture in their tiger costumes.