Monday, February 21, 2011

My friends are the best!

We have been busy this past weekend! Two amazing friends came to town this weekend with the intent to help me get ready for the twins by getting some stuff done around the house. It has been really pitiful how little I have gotten done in our house since we have moved in because of my "delicate" condition. Thankfully I have these amazing friends, Whitney and Chrissy, that wanted to help me. So here is what we were able to accomplish, mostly all them.

They helped me finally buy mirrors for all the bathrooms. Yes, we have had no mirrors in our house, except for the master bath, for the past two month. Now Chris just needs to hang them.

We also found a mirror for my bedroom which is the mirror on the right.

We found bar stools.

We celebrated Whitney's Birthday! I really appreciated her spending her birthday weekend helping. That's what amazing friends do!

We hung curtains in the twins room and moved furniture around to make the room look good. The nursery is finally coming along but still needs a lot of work, like paint and stuff to hang on the walls.

I also got some help from my amazing mom who made these curtains.

They helped me pick out fabric to use for making the dust ruffles in the nursery and then helped me start making them. We also picked out fabric for Chrissy to make a dust ruffle for her guest bedroom, which we also made this weekend.

That was a lot of things we accomplished but believe it or not they managed to help me with even more very time consuming projects. This is what the kitchen looked like while we worked on decorating letters.

We then got really delirious from lack of sleep and started hanging the letters in the playroom to make an alphabet wall.
I might not have anything hanging on the walls in the rest of the house, but I do have this amazing alphabet wall in the playroom. Actually, they helped me figure out where to hang some pictures I have propped against walls all over the house.

Isn't this amazing! I told you I had some amazing friends. I never would have gotten this project done on my own. It ended up being a lot more time consuming then I thought.

While I am on the subject of amazing friends, I also have another amazing carpenter friend who made my island counter top and installed it this week. It is gorgeous! This is the same friend who made my amazing bed and coffee table. We also have some amazing friends that have brought us dinner. I am so thankful for all the amazing friends that the Lord has placed in our lives.

Gates had a great time this weekend trying to help with all the projects. The highlight of Gates' weekend was getting to hang out with his uncle Scott who let him do one of his favorite things, drive his car.

He also was very busy helping his dad with trying to make our master closet fabulous. Notice, Gates being really helpful in the picture dumping all the screws out of the box.

Things are starting to come together around the house but unfortunately we still have a lot to do. Eventually, I would like to share some pictures of the new house but none of the rooms are really finished looking. The closest to being finished is the playroom but I still have big plans for it too.

So, as you can see we accomplished a lot in one weekend thanks to my amazing friends. I promise not to use the word amazing for a while.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Goodwill! The Red Balloon. Valentines?

I love Goodwill! I love taking stuff there that is just cluttering up my house and feeling like it is getting a second chance. And, most of all I love finding a deal there. I recognize that Goodwill might not be for everyone but I was raised to love a good deal so I love going there. Lately, I have been on a roll when I stop in just to see what they have and that makes me love it even more.
I found this amazing globe for $4! You can't tell in this picture but it is a tall globe not one that sits on a desk.

I found these great kids chairs to go with Gates' table for $5 each! I also got the stack of letters for $2 which are for a project that I am working on and the Melissa and Doug board puzzle that makes animal noises $1.50.
The Cozy Coupe $13

Jenny Lind high chair $20. Now I just need to find a second one. I might paint it depending on what the second one looks like.
Of course, I completely clean and disinfect everything I get so no fear of germs. The only bad thing is because I saved so much money I justify going to the store again for more "deals". As our friend John pointed out, girls like to go on and on about how much they saved but it is never about how much we spent, which is sadly true, but Chris defended me by saying that "I would of lost money by not making these purchases". Whether Chris was joking or not, I agree!

The Red Balloon. We went to Chick-fil-a on Saturday for lunch. Gates is crazy for the chicken nuggets. That could have something to do with me eating Chick-fil-A at least twice a week if not more while I was pregnant with him. Anyways, point being they gave Gates a red balloon that we tied to his wrist and I didn't think he thought much of it but when we took it off he screamed and cried. So being the sucker parents that we are, we tied it back on.

Valentines? Gates came home from school on Friday with this list saying "Our Valentine List". What? He is only 16 months are suppose to do valentines? Well I don't want Gates to be THAT kid with THAT mom that didn't do valentines so we went to the store and got some valentines that I wrote out to each little kid in his class.
He came home today with a cute little red bag with hearts on it with Valentines in it from other class mates. Glad I wasn't that mom even though only half the other kids gave valentines.

Chris and I didn't do anything for Valentines. Obviously, because here I am doing a blog, but that doesn't bother me. Chris had to be gone all night and to me it is just another day. We are pretty good about showing our love for each other on a regular basis so the actual day is not necessary. Even though I told Chris not to do anything he still had flowers sent to the house and I made him chocolate covered strawberries one of his favorites.
Happy Valentines!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

29 weeks pregnant with twins

Sorry, both pictures were taken with phone cameras. Our point and shoot camera has been missing for a while now. We kept thinking it would turn up in the process of moving, but it never did so, we probably need to start thinking about a new one.

Here is an update about my pregnancy. I have been put on part time bed rest by the perinatal specialist I see lately every week. I see the specialist because any pregnancy with twins is considered high risk. The specialist does an ultra sound and checks my cervix every time I am there to check measurements and monitor for anything that is out of the ordinary. There has been an alarming amount of fluid around the babies which can cause pre-term labor and my cervix has thinned a lot most likely due to the extra fluid. So, I am suppose to be taking it easy and only working 3 days a week.

*How far along?: 29 weeks
*Total weight gain?: Around 20 lbs. It is all in my stomach. I need to be gaining more weight but it is harder then you think especially when I am suppose to be eating healthy at the same time.
*How big is baby?: close to 3 pounds each
*Sex: Two BOYS!
*Maternity clothes: Yes, but my stomach is starting to hang out of the bottom of maternity shirts and my pants are really uncomfortable. I am not sure what I am going to do when my maternity clothes don't fit.
*Stretch marks: Sadly I have them all over. I never got them with Gates so I have been really upset at how bad I am getting them this time.
*Sleep: Yes, but there is lots of tossing and turning. I am just thankful we have a king size bed.
*Best moment this week: Finding a Jenny Lind high chair at Goodwill. Now I have to find at least 1 more to match.
*Movement: Yes, as Chris puts it, there is a dance party going on in my stomach.
*Food cravings: No
*Labor signs: None that I notice
*Belly button in or out: Out.
*What I miss: Everything!
*What I'm looking forward to: Physically being able to do stuff and not having all the aches and pains.

Gates' highlight of the week has been his new fire truck cozy coupe that I got at Goodwill. The other cozy coupe he has stayed at Grands house.