Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hey Marty! (Zoo)

Our house is a Zoo but some times we visit the Atlanta Zoo.  The Zoo is so much better when you have friends to join you!  These are pictures from two different trips to the zoo.



Marty, I really think you might be one of the only left still interested in me blogging, maybe my dad also.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Trip to Colorado

Gates and I took a trip  to Colorado to visit my family.  My Grandma is not doing great so I figured it was a good time to take Gates out to visit some of my family.  It was really exciting to take Gates on his first plane ride.  He did a great job and really enjoyed it.

My Dad made the trip in from California so we got to see him also.  We stayed with my cousin and her adorable family. 


My Dad made the trip in from California so we got to see him also.  We met him at the gate when he got off his plane.




We unfortunately, had to spend one of our days at the pediatric urgent care with Gates and my cousins 2 boys.  Gates had strep which I got the day we were planning on leaving.  Thankfully for antibiotics we didn’t let it slow us down and hopefully we didn’t get any one else sick.


Gates had a blast playing with his cousin Hudson.


Me, my cousins and their spouses.  I am not a short or tall person but around this crew I sure look like a shrimp.