Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I live for projects!

I love a good project whether it is something at my house, some one else’s house, TV or magazine, you get the point.  I go through fazes were I will let projects consume my life and when I get them all wrapped up and the house back in order I will make my self take a break.  The problem with me taking a break is that I will spend that time letting my mind run wild about the next project and then I jump into billion projects all at once.  Right now we are in one of those fazes were projects are consuming our lives.  Here is what is up. 

We finally broke down and bought cabinets to use in making a built in media center for our family room.  We have been talking about this project since we moved in.  They are currently just taking up space in our garage.  I really hope we can find time to start working on this soon!

photo 2 

A couple of months ago we built a new deck underneath our existing upper deck and adding doors coming out from the basement.   I finally got around to painting the doors and staining the deck so this project has actually been checked off the list for the time being.  It is still not complete but good enough for now.  The point of this project was so we would have a good space for working on other projects.

photo 5

Chris decided that the boys needed a new bigger and better sandbox.  I am happy to say that this luckily was finished pretty quickly because it was not my to do list of projects!

photo 3

photo 3 (1)

photo 4

We have been talking about getting the boys a bigger play set and have been eyeing the one at Costco.  I go to Costco so much that I have them figured out and knew that if we waited they would eventually go on sale.  Well, they went on sale and I made Chris rush up there and get one.  It is now sitting in the garage with the cabinets just waiting for  some one to assemble it.  Sadly for Gates, this is pretty low on the priority list and is going to just be taunting him for a while.

photo 1

We also have 13 three gallon junipers sitting in our yard waiting for some one to plant them and I also started doing built in cabinets and book shelves in the play room.  Whew!  That is a lot of projects, and those are just some of them because I have more in my head that I am squirming to start.  Something is wrong with me!  Most of these projects are Chris’s fault because he left me at home for a week to go to Japan and wasn’t around to keep me in check.  I would really love to be able to post some completed projects soon but I’m not holding my breath, more like just trying to stay above water.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter



Happy Easter!  He is risen and we are saved!

We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at the church they go to preschool at.  Their favorite part was the animals. 


They made the kids painfully wait forever to get the eggs.  Jack and Teddy had to be held back and about had a break down just looking at the eggs.


The Easter bunny visited our house and filled their baskets with way to much candy (what was I thinking!?).




After church, everyone came over to our house for lunch.


The Cousins!



It was wet outside so the Easter bunny hid eggs upstairs.