Monday, June 18, 2012

Night Out


Chris and I had a night out with friends.  We got to see Willie Nelson in concert at Chastain Park (best place to see a concert).  Between the three of us couples we had some awesome food.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lesson learned the messy way

The other day during nap time Chris and I heard the babies jabbering to each other and laughing.  They were happy so we weren’t rushing in to get them out of bed.  When we did go in to their rooms to get them out of their cribs, we found a surprise.  Jack, had taken his poopie diaper off and was fling it around his crib.  There was poop and the jelly stuff that makes up the inside of diapers all over the place!  What a nasty mess! This could have been possibly been avoided if I hadn’t put him down with just a diaper on.  Learn from my mistake! Cover those diapers!


“ Yeah, I played with my dirty diaper. So.”

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cabin Renovation

Our latest project is doing a mini renovation to the family Camp Meeting cabin.  This is the pitiful excuse of a kitchen that we decided needed a little (actually a lot) of attention.

The issues:

Cabinets are falling off the wall, oven doesn’t work, stove vent doesn’t work, everything is falling a part in some way.

The cabin is only used one week out of the year but still is very important part of the Camp Meeting tradition and past, so we want to show it a little love.


This past weekend, we devoted the whole weekend to getting things fixed up.

Day 1

Tore out old unwanted cabinets, stove, oven, old vent, put up a wall using cedar fence pickets (cheap, just the look we wanted and it smells wonderful), put up new shelves and stained them and installed a new vent.

cabin 1

Day 2

We went to church in the morning so we didn’t spend as much time out there as day 1.  But, we did install new wood countertops and get some more stain on shelves and countertops.  I also took a part the far right cabinet some more, which we plan on making new shelves and doors for.


It looks so much better! But, there is still so much more we would like to hopefully get done.  This coming weekend we will be installing the new range for sure.  I really think we need to paint all the cabinets since they are two different colors and will be three different colors after we do new cabinet doors.  Any color suggestions?