Thursday, September 19, 2013

Phase one of the custom media center

We have been wanting to do this project since we moved in almost 3 years ago.  This is just phase one of the project.  Phase two will consist of book cases going around the TV with lights at the top.   We are so burnt out from all the projects we have had going on that we are not going to start phase two for a while.  I love how they turned out.  Incase anyone is interested in how we got this far, here is a rundown.  We bought the cabinets from  The cabinets were a nice white but all of our trim is an off white color so we painted the cabinets to match since we are going for a built-in look.  We made the counter top out of oak boards glued onto an MDF board.  I did a coat of Jacobean stain, same color as our floors and then did I think around 5 coats of poly.   We pulled off the base molding where we wanted the cabinet to go and then ripped it to a smaller size to be re-used on the base of the cabinet.   We put the cabinets where we wanted them, screwed them into the wall.  Put the counter top on top, screwed it into placed.  We put some spacers on the toe kick to bring out the molding (re-used from the old molding on the wall)  on the bottom and make it flush with the doors.  We put some trim on the ends of the cabinet to make them look the same as the door.  New knobs and we were done!  For now.